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08/04/2013 – Burrito At The Googleplex in Mountain View, California

You have to have special access for this one, but if you can get a badge, Google’s cafeteria a their corporate headquarters in Mountain View is like walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.


Unfortunately, this photo of this burrito is the only thing I am legally allowed to show you.


3 thoughts on “08/04/2013 – Burrito At The Googleplex in Mountain View, California”

  1. The incident at the Googleplex is nothing like Matt says. They have preserved the security footage. As we continue our investigation, this video will prove that Matt and Alex are lying about what happened.

    We are encouraging some of the new journalists looking into this matter to help get Google to release the footage so we can unravel the myth that Matt has made up about his time at Google.

    All of Matt’s lies will be shown the light.


  2. Great food, even better security team there. Once they saw Matt doing shit with his camera, they knew right away what to do.

    We’ve got contacts at the Googleplex now. Details about Matt and Alex’s adventure has reports, reports that will soon be in our hands. Any media contacts that look into Matt’s story will get to the truth. Matt’s story will fall apart as soon as they read what the security guards put in their report.

    And we will make sure this is readily available.

    Even to WME….. *GIGGLES*


  3. Peter is the expert on these matters and we know you did not ever work for Turner Networks, Adult Swim or Cartoon Network. You were never employed as a writer and they never worked with you on a pilot of any television show. The Internet Movie Database removed all references to Adult Swim by their request after Peter turned you in for lying, so they did confirm that you are a fraud.


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