08/05/2017 – Cruising On The Mackinac Bridge in Northern Michigan


1 thought on “08/05/2017 – Cruising On The Mackinac Bridge in Northern Michigan”

  1. Keep getting that money from Alex and we’ll always be here to help you spend it. Spend it on lawyers. Spend it on a hotels. Spend it on meals. Spend it on fuel.

    You will never feel safe anywhere you go. Sometimes the clerk at the motel in the most secluded desert town will give you that look and you’ll know we got to them. Maybe not even directly. Maybe he recognized you from some story, like just your eyes from Diane’s story. She gets millions of real readers. He might be into crime shows and thinks this is his chance to turn in a criminal.

    The only real choice is to pack up those guitars and go in the middle of the night and find another place to stay.

    And you can count on doing this every night for the rest of your life.

    No escape. No surrender.


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