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08/19/2017 – Front Page Lawsuit Against EPA Contractor For Killing 30 Workers In Tennessee

Walked into a gas station in Tennessee to find this headline. Thirty clean up workers were allegedly killed by an EPA contractor who didn’t require its employees to wear protective suits at the site of a massive coal ash spill.


This is how I locate a lot of the environmental causes I fight for, by slowly traveling the US, reading local newspapers, and talking to citizens. Unlike Erin Brockovich, Julie Rberts never played me in a movie – yet – so rather than having tens of thousands of people writing to me, I have to go out and seek out causes, myself.

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2 thoughts on “08/19/2017 – Front Page Lawsuit Against EPA Contractor For Killing 30 Workers In Tennessee”

  1. Why does no one feel sorry for Matthew Berdyck?

    He is evil. People like Matt that are evil never realize they are evil. He cannot see that he actually does nothing for anyone but himself. His only motive for appearing nice is so people will like him or look up to him.

    They don’t. People can tell. They can always tell when someone is a liar.

    A blog with archival evidence of his evil actions doesn’t hurt. Sharing that archive with the FBI and a congressman doesn’t hurt. It really is nice when that congressman gives you permission to fuck up an asshole who destroyed a job creating project in Virginia. We have carte blanche to fuck him up good and the FBI will look the other way.

    It was a big mistake to take on Erin and Diane. Now our combined power will destroy your causes all around the country.

    We can even admit that publicly. No one is denying this.

    The police won’t believe you. The press won’t write about it.

    Try. Try harder. We will laugh at your flailing about and raving like a lunatic even though every word you say is true. Keep trying. Try harder still. Our laughter will be the closest thing to comfort you hear.

    And we are prepared to continue for years and years to come.


  2. Hey chicken little, if you’re so sure you are legit, then why not say who the producer you stayed with’s name? I thought they were really good friends with you. You publicly stated you told them all about us and that you all laughed for hours about the situation.

    If that’s true, why not say the producer’s name? If they already know about us and believe you, then you have nothing to fear. Why would this producer ever want to talk to Jaclyn Swartz and get her side of your story about her? Or talk to the LA DA’s Marc Beaart.

    Your lies are so transparent. We are defeating you again so easily.


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