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09/24/2016 – Metallica at Global Citizen Fest in NYC

600 miles of travel. $300 for tickets. 2 hours looking for a place to park. 46 blogs of walking. 5 songs played. Fucking dicks.


4 thoughts on “09/24/2016 – Metallica at Global Citizen Fest in NYC”

  1. Even Metallica’s management company has been told to check with Jordan Rudess if you ever try to contact them again. Real celebrities communicate. Managers and publicists talk. Sujata is not shy about warning people about Matthew Berdyck.

    Anyone can ask her. She is in touch with the Los Angeles County District Attorney about him to this day.


    the walls are closing in asshole.


  2. We enjoying watching you trying to explain how your police record is not your police record but it is. We are enjoying watching you try to explain how you are doing all this fighting for causes and there isn’t a shred of proof that you have done a damn thing in any of them.

    We told them all about you and they were ready for this spree of psychotic emails you insist on sending. You sound a little off balance, like you might need to seek mental health professionals. At least to all the sane people you insist on contacting.

    And the comedy you keep giving us is priceless.

    Why not go try to set up a meeting with big Chief Chris and Ms. Hunter now? After these emails you’ve sent, combined with Larry Smithson’s interest in talking to you, I am sure everyone in Des Moines would love to see you right about now.

    72 Hour Psych Hold is 100% guaranteed without question since you started emailing them all. We never had to suggest it. There it was already in the planning stages by everyone in Des Moines. You have no support there any more. No one is calling you a hero. They are calling you a psychopath and a dangerous person of interest.

    Editor’s note: These psychotic messages are being posted by Jayne Hitchcock, a mentally disturbed woman, who needs desperate mental health care. I have tried blocking her several times, but she is using proxies and hiding her IP. I apologize for her insanity in advance. She’s a very, very, sick woman, obviously. Please do not engage her, or you may become her next victim.


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