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11/26/2016 – Notepad and Pencil From The Watergate Hotel in DC


6 thoughts on “11/26/2016 – Notepad and Pencil From The Watergate Hotel in DC”

  1. Go camping. Top of a mountain where it looks like no one will find you, not on the grid at all.

    The walls will still close in. If we can convince the FBI to ignore what we’re doing, we can convince them that our evidence is strong enough to prosecute.

    There are just a few more pieces of the puzzle left. Once they are in place, the end will come. The end for us, not you. You can run and stay running for years to come.

    I prefer that. I prefer that you never stop and feel comfortable in one place for more than a few weeks. It will turn out just like the cabin in Warren County. Every time your burrow in, we find you and make sure your neighbors know. And when they believe us, out come the torches and pitchforks just like Frankenstein’s monster, they know that you are a monster that they do not want living near them.

    Every one of us has promised to do this for the rest of your life. Since you seem to prefer this to serving time, we prefer to dangle that carrot of hope. This is fun to us. The cat and mouse game can go on for years. There is never any kind of cost for any of our team. You seem to lose Alex’s money for him in pursuit of impossible goals like being taken seriously.

    Walk away.


  2. Here’s the best part. You are not hurt. You are just trying to work an angle, trying to get people to feel sorry for you. It doesn’t work anymore. People know you are conning them. You just hate being caught and your scams ruined.

    We are ready to keep this up for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, forever more. You will get no rest from us. The blogs will run forever and there will be more and more of them. More twitter accounts, more facebook accounts, and every single thing you do will be found and exposed.

    We might take a break when you serve your sentence later this fall.



    1. Serve a sentence in a state I’ve committed no crime and have no prior offenses. Fascinating. The fantasy world you live in never ceases to astound me.


      1. You achieved nothing. Their report was given to one of the law enforcement people on our team and we’ve read it already. You’re considered something of a humorous bug that tries to cause trouble and never seems to get what he aims at.

        Even more drugs might be planted in your car now. Have you checked the wheel well lately? Taking legal weed into states where it is not legal is breaking the law. You have far too many public posts about getting high for anyone to believe that these drugs were planted.

        We win. Again. You will lose a lot bigger soon.



      2. I have retained a complex litigator. I’m sure we’ll have no issues communicating with the police and attorneys in multiple states.


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