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9/14/2015 – A Delorean In Portland, Oregon


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  1. The police in Veronia have a file on Matthew Berdyck. The records are public even though they aren’t online.

    YET. ***GIGGLES***

    What can we say? They are well on their way to getting online thanks to Carole scanning them for us. The vigilante groups numbers are swelling. So many people hate Matthew Berdyck for the things he has done to us all.

    The joy we all feel at knowing that he has to stay in hotels and constantly move around cannot be equaled. Being violently chased out of his homes, costing him thousands of dollars just feels right. There’s something just about knowing he spent so much money in Columbus just to avoid justice.

    This will never stop. If we stop for a day or a week or a month, the reason is that it makes it even sweeter when you don’t see it coming when we start up again. You may not see a blog or a tweet or a facebook post, just know that we’re still here. Always and forever. There is no escape. You’ll know we are still around in the shadows because when someone looks at you a little different, or if a deal seems so certain and suddenly they back away, just know it was us. We caused that.

    Hope is the greatest torture. You can hope that someone will come to your rescue, someone will listen to your story. You’ll send that email to someone, they will respond saying they want more information, and the adrenaline kicks in. Finally, that savior is here to take up the sword and defend you.

    Only to have it all crumble like sand when they talk to us and decide to let you suffer. It’s happening right now. There is so much happiness to see you hoping and trying. The struggle is real. Your failure is inevitable.

    And you are powerless to stop it. We win. You lose.


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