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01/25/2016 – Sailing My Car Across The Ocean To Okracoke Island, North Carolina


6 thoughts on “01/25/2016 – Sailing My Car Across The Ocean To Okracoke Island, North Carolina”

  1. Oh no. The guys at BMW Monterey may have put a tracker on Matt’s BMW. After we told them that Matt would have a lot of cash on him, they could charge him whatever they wanted because he’s too afraid to call the cops or do any real harm to them.

    The media won’t side with Matt. This is well established. All he can do is do paid promoted posts on Facebook. Everyone thinks of Matt as some kind of Russian bot because he doesn’t ever show up in person. Too much of a coward.

    Matt has no balls, nothing he can do. He’s castrated in front of the entire media starting with Creators.net because they might have taken him seriously until he didn’t come with his camera crew. Now they now for a fact that he will never ever do what he says.


    1. Did you know that lying to a police officer, even via email is against the law? You said you are receiving thousands of threatening messages on your blogs. You managed to lie three times in a row.

      LIE #1 – You have not received thousands of comments on your blogs.

      LIE #2 – No one threatened you at any time.

      LIE #3 – Some of these blogs you have claimed are not yours.

      Chris Scott is paying attention now. All we had to do was hand him the laws you are breaking, aside from that guy’s ribs which is felony assault. That one was a given.


      1. I assure you that the only people breaking laws are you, knowingly, especially since those laws are published on Jayne’s own website.


  2. Gannett’s board is in Maryland, and they are not scheduled to meet as a board tomorrow. You’re so dumb that you think a board of director’s meet daily? And you don’t even know where they are before you threaten to say you’re meeting with them.

    You are dealing with people that are a lot smarter than you. And we are laughing at you right now along with the police and the Register. They are following along because we told them how hilarious your huffing and puffing would be. We knew you’d reach the level of stupid that you’re at now. It’s too laughable to contain it.


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