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02/08/2017 “Never Doubt A Duvall When They Give You A Dinner Recommendation.”

My friend, John Duvall, is actors Robert and Shelley Duvall’s cousin. John recommended the Ashby Inn, in Paris, Virginia, an amazing five course, or one of the best meals I’ve ever had.


While we were there, the waiter asked,  “Might I ask who recommended our restaurant to you?”  I said, “John Duvall.”  Suddenly, we had three waiters.  Each course, from the opening potato soup, to a spoon of something I’m apparently not refined enough to know what it was, was unbelievable.


The closing course was a piece of the most amazing 60 day dry aged cuts of meat I ever ate in my life.  It might not seem like much food, but by the end of this little journey, you end up stuffed with food.


The next day, I texted John and said, “Holy shit dude, that was the best thing I ever ate,” and he responded, “Never doubt a Duvall when they give you a dinner recommendation.”

3 thoughts on “02/08/2017 “Never Doubt A Duvall When They Give You A Dinner Recommendation.””

  1. Robert Duvall’s son has disowned Matthew Berdyck after we showed him what he did online. He was offended when he read what Matt did to Kelly in the police reports. Rich people don’t want to be connected to trouble and Matt is nothing but trouble.

    We can find anyone and tell them the truth about Matt. It’s easy.


    1. Those pictures could be from a real estate site. No one believes you because you have no pictures of you and the producer. You are terrified of putting the name out there. You know that if you say who it is, we will contact this producer and tell them the truth about you. You also know that they will believe us and not you.

      People like Erin and Diane and Jayne and Peter have enough legitimacy that they can say who they work for and people know them and vouch for them. You do not have that credibility and you know that these people will drop you fast because they will believe strangers like us more than you.

      Good. You know the truth. You cannot escape reality.


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