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03/21/2017 The Wind Sheer Across The Plains In Iowa Is No Joke


6 thoughts on “03/21/2017 The Wind Sheer Across The Plains In Iowa Is No Joke”

  1. Be sure to not watch Matt’s incredibly boring youtube video where completely pretends to be homeless and fake cries for ten minutes in the shower.

    #DumbMovie #NotAFilm #Delusional #LackofCredibility


      1. You cannot win. All you do is whine and cry like a bitch because you are losing the entire war and every single battle. It’s a contest of intellect and strength and you are unarmed.

        We enjoy seeing you like this. It’s a good thing. You keep shooting yourself in the foot and causing so much laughter at your expense. Matthew Berdyck is an idiot and acts like an idiot and makes a lot of noise to show the universe that he’s a complete idiot. No stone unturned in your stupidity.

        It’s great. This is going to make us laugh for many many years to come.


      2. Wait. You said powerful people… who were you referring to. All I’ve seen is a bunch of frail senior citizens.. must have missed something.


      3. Jayne was never really attractive though. You can see that. She’s kind of… crusty. Erin was hot, kind of. Diane, jury is out. She attractive in the way you secretly want your principal to spank you. We all know Marjorie was a fat tub of lard. Matt’s being stalked by the Lee sisters. Ug Fug Home and Big. God. Please get someone who’s at least young and attractive, instead of this great grandma convention you’re holding.


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