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04/02/2011 Interviewing Mad Magazine’s Sergio Aragones in San Francisco

This story is the stuff of legends, how this interview happened. The interview was for my TV show I was making, which was later solicited by Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.


As the story goes, I picked up a real movie camera for the first time in February of 2011, and eight months later, I got my first major cable network solicitation.

8 thoughts on “04/02/2011 Interviewing Mad Magazine’s Sergio Aragones in San Francisco”

  1. Sergio and his representatives have issued formal replies that they met Matthew once and that they have never had any professional relationship with him. One more reference gone to pot. Hollywood doesn’t like liars.


  2. There is no investment firm. The laws regarding this kind of monetary fund is beyond the comprehension of a completely moronic fool like Matthew is obvious.

    I say that any journalism student can see through the lies and deceptions put forth by Matthew Berdyck.

    Matt makes a fool of himself and we all laugh at him and his enormous celluloid body.


  3. Now you know. Gordon Foster works against you and you know it. He refused then and refuses today to investigate. I can even print this here without any fear of anything because we own the law. Show this to investigators or lawyers and they will still drop you when they talk to us. Your case is over before it begins.

    You fail to see that powerful people like Goodlatte give people like us all cover. It’s like a get out of jail free card except we’ll never go to jail. Not now not ever. We could hypothetically break into your house, piss on the bed, break the window of a BMW with a brick and no one will care. Your choice in music CD’s suck. Who even uses CD’s anymore?

    Oops. You can’t even confirm who did it from fingerprints that we conveniently left on them. That’s how powerful we are and how weak you are. We have won and you cannot win. The game is rigged.


  4. I cannot believe you brought up this old nugget last night. Sergio and his handlers disavow anything to do with you, Matt. You beg people to look at your history, which you think proves you are a celebrity and in the end, every single time, you end up proving you’re not famous, you’re a liar, and none of the famous people that do remember you want nothing to do with you.

    I look forward to doing this dance over and over again for the rest of your life. You will face the truth. It is always here waiting for you.

    You are not famous for anything other than being an internet troll and a cyberstalker. These pictures you cling to of you with famous people mean nothing and everyone knows it. You fool no one into believing you have done or will do anything as an activist, musician, or filmmaker because you never deliver on the activism, music, or films. This is why you never finish any activism, albums, or films, because it proves you are not who you say you are. Matthew Berdyck is an amateur at everything and he uses his lack of work as a shield.

    Just walk away.


      1. We are all totally admitting to framing you for crimes you are committing. Every single one of us can say that and watch. Nothing will be done to us. The police and the media will still ignore you as we blatantly flout the laws.

        Even admitting it and making a video saying we are framing you for crimes you are committing, they will still never believe you. We have won. Try. Try harder little puppet! The cheese in the maze, you just have to sniff for it and go where we want you to.

        Even your lawyer will read this and tell you it means nothing, if you really had a lawyer.
        Tweet this reply admitting to all of it and watch as no one helps you. You are defeated and we are victorious yet again.

        You lose.


  5. Here’s a big flaw with your dream for what the press can do for you.

    “meet me, talk with me, look at my evidence, and publish an article about me.”

    You left out the whole idea of research you, find out for themselves if what you are saying is true, and do due diligence and talk to everyone else involved. The greatest thing about you, Matty Boy is that you write such lengthy personal blog posts that to lie and say are published articles and destroy your own credibility.


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