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05/01/2012 Elephant Seal Waving At Me At Piedras Blankas in San Simeon, California

This is one of my most favorite places to visit. I go every year. If you go in February, during mating season, you’ll catch the male bulls fighting on the beach. The rest of the year they just lie there and do nothing but flip sand.

I know about it.

elephant seals

3 thoughts on “05/01/2012 Elephant Seal Waving At Me At Piedras Blankas in San Simeon, California”

  1. All you do is lie around and do nothing. Picking fights online is not work. Losing online wars is not a job.

    We have defeated you in every city you have tried to help. Our truth has prevailed in every situation you have attempted to gain fame.

    And you can show this to everyone. No one will help you. No one will care. Even now, the FBI is laughing at you. The press is mocking you. The world is ignoring you.

    This is your life. Being marginalized and left to lie around kicking up sand.


  2. We are all laughing at your live videos right now. We’ve been sharing them with other writers and victims. You are clearly out of your mind and they will make great segments on the new story after you go off and your spree.


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