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10/20/2013 On Stage With Jordan Rudess From Two Time Grammy Nominated Dream Theater

Went on tour with Jordan and Rod Morgenstein from Winger to make a music video for their Rudess Moregenstein Project tour. While I was filming the video, I snapped the following photo.


Check out the video, if you’re interested.

5 thoughts on “10/20/2013 On Stage With Jordan Rudess From Two Time Grammy Nominated Dream Theater”

  1. You did not go “on tour” with Jordan and Rod. You attended two shows, nothing more.

    Your lies are exposed and your scams ruined.


      1. Two shows is not a tour. Jordan Rudess has publicly stated this was not a tour.

        People do not harass Matthew Berdyck because blogs exist. They reply to his violent posts on social media. This process is well documented and his methods are obvious to everyone who sees it.


  2. We have framed you for over two dozen crimes in over a dozen states. The police believe us and not you. You sound crazy and that’s how we fool them. We can even admit to it publicly and nothing will happen to us. You will be framed and every single paranoid fantasy is true.


  3. Which court are we seeing you in? What state?

    Don’t you have an incredible backlog of lawsuits to file before Adam?



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