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12/03/2014 The Wall Of Gold Records At Scott Weiland’s Recording Studio In Burbank

This one is sad, because Scott – vocalist for Stone Pilots and Velvet Revolver – died a year later.  This is Scott’s wall of gold records and I was surprised to learn that Scott had written songs for everyone from Limp Bizkit to Puddle of Mudd.  He must have had fifty gold records.  Now that Scott has passed on, his studio, which was located in Burbank, is now closed.  I’m glad I got to experience this little piece of rock n roll history before it ended.

RIP Scott


6 thoughts on “12/03/2014 The Wall Of Gold Records At Scott Weiland’s Recording Studio In Burbank”

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  2. Some folks would post pics of their children, proud of what they have accomplished, feeling something akin to selflessness.

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