12/16/2016 District of Pi Pizza in Washington DC

The story with this pizza is that it’s traditional Chicago stuffed, but it’s a little thinner, because people in DC complained about the calories. It’s bomb and it’s also a part of my ongoing love affair with Chicago style pizza in general. New York pizza is easy. Chicago style takes a special kind of cook to make right. Now, New York Pizza lovers, please don’t yell at me.


1 thought on “12/16/2016 District of Pi Pizza in Washington DC”

  1. Spend that money, fat man. Spend it. Your friends are doing you more harm than good. There’s nothing good coming from your family either. Next time you talk to your mom, you’ll notice that look in her eye, the one where she knows the truth and looking past it, hoping that her son will leave her soon and she can have some peace. Mostly you just call her anyway.


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