The Ultimate Off Road Land Rover Bed

About six months thus ago I decided to put my Land Rover to the test on ultimate off road mountain camping adventure.

I built a twin bed with hotel sheets in the back.


Then I added a 2000 watt power inverter and four 120 Amp hour marine batteries, to power a DVD player, a desktop computer, and small blue tooth guitar amp which played through the speakers on the car stereo.

It’s especially nice for really long cross continent driving because I can pull up at any truck stop, watch a movie and then get some sleep really quick, saving me at least $4000 on hotels, so far.

Or I can alternatively drive into a forest or wilderness area and stay off the grid for ten days with full power.

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Off Road Land Rover Bed”

  1. Get used to that confined space. Justice is coming. You will be spending some time in jail soon.

    “Someone” has told the state highway patrol about a 2014 white BMW with Cali plates 8DIU417 was seen at a drug dealers house loading a lot of what looked like crack into his trunk. The driver was clearly armed and dangerous.

    Hope they’re gentle when they check your asshole for a baggie of cocaine.


    The rest of your life will be filled with events like that.

    Never going to stop, never going to surrender.


    1. It’s going to take time. The plan is working. Matt lives like he’s living out our play exactly as written. A trained monkey could not do better than Matt. Good little pet, do our bidding some more.

      He is proving our case for us, doing exactly what we want. He thinks us doing what we do will have any affect on us. It won’t. It never has and never will. Matt however will play his part and the role will be his finest and his last.

      Good little monkey. Dance for daddy.


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