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09/03/2017 Slamming A Rack Of Ribs At Joe’s Kansas City BBQ in Kansas

Voted best ribs in The US, time and again. They were pretty damn good but I still like Moe’s better.


3 thoughts on “09/03/2017 Slamming A Rack Of Ribs At Joe’s Kansas City BBQ in Kansas”

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t notice the way the front desk was looking at you when you checked in. You have to know that we called after we saw where you were. Some anonymous complaints may have been made about a possible drug deal in your room. We saw some suspicious characters going in and out. Law enforcement may have also been told about this by the hotel so it didn’t come directly from us.

    Or maybe this is all a lie. We’ll let your mind suspect which one is true. We sure do seem to know a lot about where you are if you think we’re bluffing. Did you know that a private investigator hired to follow you is not that expensive when the bill is split 8 ways?


    1. Your activism is a joke. Your entire story is now an ash heap of could have, would have, should have intentions that will never come true.

      We can get stories into any publication in the country. You cannot even get the Des Moines Register to mention a single word about you. Not even a web exclusive story on a blog that isn’t owned by you.

      You’re a failure at everything in life. You never had any credibility.

      The entire world sees you the way we see you now. Isn’t it nice? You cannot educate with a pamphlet at this point. Even soccer moms will pull out their phone and google your name. Will they see you as a hero or will they see the truth? The truth always wins out.


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