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09/05/2017 The Stanley Hotel From The Movie ‘The Shining,” In Estes Park, Colorado

Well, it’s not from the movie. The Stanley is where Stephen King stayed and got the inspiration for the book, The Shining.


I took my friend John Duvall’s poetry book with me and got some cool photos of Duvall art with other Duvall art.

4 thoughts on “09/05/2017 The Stanley Hotel From The Movie ‘The Shining,” In Estes Park, Colorado”

  1. John Duvall claims he barely met Matthew Berdyck and is not to be used as a reference. Looks like more of your celebrity friends are disassociating with you. The more we contact these people politely and ask questions, the more they hate you. They always thank us for contacting them and let us know we can always talk to them again if more issues come up.

    They don’t like being used or lied about. So far, we’ve managed to cut you off from pretty much every celebrity friend you ever had, mostly because you never really had them as friends. They are people you met and then ruined your own chances.

    And we are not impressed.



    1. Even the useful idiots like Bubba who try to defend Matthew Berdyck end up sinking his stories. Bubba who believes Matt is legit does not believe that Matt ever worked for Adult Swim and knows that as much as Matt supposedly means well, he has hurt a lot of people with his temper.

      Some friends you have there. They are all willing to tell us whatever we want. Quotes we can use in stories for print and the web.


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