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Yellow Waterfall In Downtown Flint

In addition to the lead in the water, there is TCE in the ground water in downtown Flint, connected directly to this water way. Postal workers are complaining of chronic illnesses. It goes on and on.


5 thoughts on “Yellow Waterfall In Downtown Flint”

  1. Eva Worthing has you pegged. The entire city council and sheriff’s department in Flint knows the truth about you. They have all of our files and even added to them with emails and facebook messages.

    All we had to do was make a single phone call from a real activist and your entire reputation went to shit. That’s real power. When someone like Erin gets involved, fakers like yourself just fade away along with your scams.

    And the best part is no one will believe you. I can even confess like this and no one will care. We are so arrogant because you have no power, no real influence and what few people know you, mock you and your stupidity for taking on the real deal.


    1. How do you not see someone telling you they want no contact and you insisting you will meet them in person and do an “interview”, your serial killer code for wanting to “chop off their fingers se7en style” as threatening?

      You threaten people all the time with physical violence. You have a criminal history that shows aggravated menacing, telephone harassment, and worse.

      And this is how we trick people into disbelieving you. We use your dismissed, but still filed charges and your criminal database to lie to people with the truth.


      1. What kind of man is Matt? When he had the chance to do something, to save lives, he let some blogs on the internet chase him away and stop him. Some fucking hero he turned out to be.

        “guys, i’d really like to save your lives except some people said I was fat on Facebook and I’m like totally traumatized. i got PTSD from this kind of harassment, so I’m like leaving, okay? Let all your kids die now from cancer. My feelings got hurt, so I kind of have to walk away from this and live in a cabin… sorry, fuck your kids and saving lives.”

        That’s Matt’s entire career.


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