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12/27/2017 Somewhere Outside Of Barstow On The Edge Of The Desert


5 thoughts on “12/27/2017 Somewhere Outside Of Barstow On The Edge Of The Desert”

  1. Ticktock little bitch. Time is running out. You do not see it yet. All will be revealed when we choose. You had better run away again. Things back in SoCal aren’t going to be so pleasant when you try to return.

    Another home wasted. Another place you have to avoid. Most of the damage was done long before we arrived on the scene to explain who and what you are. Most of it. Heh Heh Heh. Now they have further evidence, police reports and court documents that verify what people were already thinking.

    The police don’t see through our methods. The look right at our evidence and see the truth. Most people recognize immediately that whatever horrible dark thoughts they had about Matthew Berdyck are confirmed.

    This is how we win. We let you be you. We can do whatever we want and we get away with it. You always run away, hiding like the little bitch that you are. Sadly, you think you are smart.

    The game has been over for a while. You just don’t know it. Which is endlessly hilarious seeing you walk right into a trap because you are who you are. Matthew Berdyck is many things. Predictable being one of them.


  2. You’ve threatened journalists and police officers all over the country, saying that you will expose their corruption and make them pay publicly.

    Their only alleged corruption is not writing about you or your nonsense ideas that have no merit. We can all see that you have facts from the EPA, then claim the EPA is corrupt, and make assertions with no backing from credible sources. That’s not corruption, that is common sense to ignore a crazy person writing to them.

    And then you have never once made a single one of these law enforcement agencies or media outlets pay. You have convinced no one that the media did anything wrong. Your campaigns have all failed.

    This is what makes you a laughable failure. Making the same threats to people who can objectively prove you’ve never come through on a single lawsuit or had the slightest impact on their business, it just seems futile. And self destructive because you do it in such a fantastic and public way that everyone laughs at you. You are being mocked every single time and more people join the chorus of laughter.

    And the only thing you do to ruin our fun is make threats of physical harm that we have to take more seriously. It’s the only tool you have that works and you know it. You aren’t smart enough to work the science. You aren’t talented enough to achieve anything with your cameras or your guitar. The only thing you do that people take seriously is threaten to show up in person. It’s never your skills, only your history of mental illness and how intensely scary you sound in emails.


    1. You will be unable to do anything to us. You cannot even retain an attorney. Even if you could, it will not last. We always get to them. You know this. You know that we will turn any lawyer against like we have with all the others. For the last five years we have yet to fail to get your legal counsel to drop you or let you run out of money.

      We cannot be defeated. You know that too. You must really hate yourself deep down inside. You crave the humiliation of losing and making sure as many people see your disgrace as possible. We can oblige you again.


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