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12/30/2017 ‘Broken Bit’ In Quartz Hill, California

Last week I was staying at a hotel where Matthew McConaughey was staying and he came back raving about ‘Broken Bit.’  I figured I’d go check it out.


I got a 24 ounce Cowboy Ribeye, with my choice of cut. Bill was $131, with tip.


My three word review: Alright Alright Alright!

14 thoughts on “12/30/2017 ‘Broken Bit’ In Quartz Hill, California”

  1. Matt ate at a restaurant where a famous person once did. That means he is famous too? Matt has lived next to a general, therefore Matt must have connections to the military and the intelligence community.

    Then why are we able to get away with all of this? We must live next to even more powerful people who control silicon valley and the government at its highest levels.

    Or Matt pissed off the wrong congressman in Virginia and we are shielded from investigation.

    No matter what, we won and Matt lost. He can tweet and cry about no one listening to him. Matt can lose another four houses. Not one single person will try to stop us. They can’t. We will never ever stop. Our mission is to make sure that his google results stay filled with our truth and to make sure that wherever Matt goes, whoever he speaks to, they will know what we know and they will tell everyone else.

    And we cannot wait for the master stroke which he will not see coming. In the next few months, Matt will know he fucked with the wrong people.


  2. This doesn’t end today.

    We’re just getting started.

    You have a lifetime of this to look forward to.

    Our army grows every day.

    More participants means even more of this for a lot longer.

    No escape.

    No mercy.


  3. Matt has been handing us so much information that we’re about to make things interesting. Illinois State Troopers have his plates and the make/model of his cars. We’re tipping them off about all kinds of potential activity they need to be aware of. Matt is to be considered possibly armed and dangerous.

    We have to do so little and get such big results. An email from a foreign server. A phone call from a burner phone. We each contribute a little and we make our little puppet dance where we want when we want.

    His life is ours. Simple. Our little toy will soon get thrown in the trash heap of forgotten nobodies.

    Allowing him to cavort around in his little white fleet of cars for now only serves to make the fall all the more worthwhile in a few months, around the holidays, when we will take it all away from him.


  4. How insecure is this guy? He feels compelled to write about his meals without having anyone with him. Looks like a lonely loser.


      1. Literally do not care. I grabbed the guy by the hair to get him off the woman. I told six cops the same thing. You’re defending a man who saved a woman. Case dismissed.


  5. That’s not how the law works, idiot. No one will believe you are the hero when they find out your entire history. Uh oh, they already know it now.


    Guess you better waltz right back to Des Moines for those hero interviews then. You have nothing to fear. We’re totally not full of shit. Just go around and introduce yourself. Park your car right there on Court Avenue and see what happens to your little white cars.

    A guy who does what you do to women is not a hero.


      1. The arresting officers will care. The two guys suing you will care. Alex is going to care very soon.

        Your defense that you were a hero saving a woman will be contradicted by your shit online from the past week alone where you are harassing a woman on Facebook from a Meme group, already in contact with Larry confirming their mutual abuse by you.

        And all of this will connect with Alexander Hwang. Let’s say Alex had nothing do with any of it. Human Resources and the Facebook legal team will be up his ass in an investigation to find out. That sounds like fun! Hope he likes having his accounts and emails monitored at work.

        Who told these people about Alex Hwang? We did. Our team is like the internet vigilante version of the fucking Avengers. We got skills, yo. It is our pleasure to serve the country and help poor souls who get viciously attacked by Matthew Berdyck.


    1. Yeah it is. Lawyers negotiate, and if a settlement reached out if court – which would be you handing me $5,000,000 for free – it never goes to court. As far as you eating your own ass, Mike said it first, get your own lines.


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