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01/05/2018 Bass Pro Shops At Silverton Casino In Las Vegas

Bass Pro Shops in Las Vegas is unbelievable.  The place has to be the size of a football stadium and has ever kind of outdoors item one can imagine.


6 thoughts on “01/05/2018 Bass Pro Shops At Silverton Casino In Las Vegas”

  1. What you fail to comprehend is that if you had simply walked away and left all of us alone, none of this would be happening to you. We are innocent victims, just bystanders that you roped into your insanity.

    Now we have no choice but to fight back. The entire world knows the truth about Matt because all we had to do was make archives of his madness, and fill his google results with reality.

    This is why we have won and you have lost.

    #happy #victorious


      1. Even our worst seems to be effective in stopping you from scamming over six million people.


  2. Tell the board that you have solicited pilots with Cartoon Network even though their reporters already confirmed that’s not even close to accurate. They will be really impressed, we promise. These high end executives live to talk to creators of Television Pilots that never really got made. It will establish your credibility and they will take you even more seriously.

    Try not to be offended when they laugh in your face.

    Editor’s note: The comments are being made by Jayne Hitchcock, who is stalking me. She is a very sick woman with deep mental illness issues, who needs mental health care. The “reporters” made no contact with Adult Swim. The fantasies she is playing out are all a part of her severely delusional behavior.


  3. Matt in prison sounds about right. Whatever happens to his anus is between him and his cell mate.


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