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02/06/2014 Top Of The World In Salt Lake City, Utah

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4 thoughts on “02/06/2014 Top Of The World In Salt Lake City, Utah”

  1. They won’t have views like that at San Quentin. Enjoy them while you can. We will soon have Matt backed into a corner where there is no escaping justice. Lying to the feds is a crime and he will go to jail for a very long time.

    Matt will soon endure long hours of being the toy of some gang members serving time. They can pass him around like a dirty mattress. While all of the internet vigilante group will be free on the outside, living their lives, never once experiencing a single consequence for their actions. Why would they? There’s nothing illegal about telling the truth about Matt.

    And when the FBI and a representative from Congress have your back, you can do whatever you want and no one can say shit.


  2. All these witnesses, and not one of them will act on your behalf. You have failed to stop us and you always will. Not on twitter, facebook, google or any site you might appear upon. We are leaving a trail behind and still no one will act. All of this evidence, and the police won’t help either, not that you’ve actually filled out a report.

    All you do is increase the audience that is mocking you, laughing at your activities and attempts to stop us.


  3. Your film is not a film. It’s called Blame Reagan and it’s a 70 minute YouTube video that never got released. You are nothing but a fraud trying to scam people with your lies. We are doubling down and mocking you for trying so hard to con everyone.


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