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06/11/2012 Big Bone Lick State Park In Kentucky

This is what I call a classic travel score image. This sign was featured, for many years, in the popular National Lampoon’s Big Book of True Facts. Imagine my surprise as I was walking down the road and suddenly found it.


3 thoughts on “06/11/2012 Big Bone Lick State Park In Kentucky”

  1. To have the maturity of a middle school kid when you’re in your forties. I really cannot figure out why Adult Swim didn’t sign this kind of amazing talent immediately. Matt was amused by Big Bone Lick on a road sign. With such depth and talent, what will the world do when deprived of this kind of humor?

    We don’t need to warn Hollywood big wigs about Matt. They will see how talentless he is and he will fail on on his own. It’s embarrassing to even reply to a post like this. I lost IQ points just looking at it.


  2. Life is about to get rough when they look into your finances again. Suspicious Activity Reports are going crazy with anonymous tips about online scams, dubious money sources, and possible tax fraud.

    Expect those accounts to be locked up again in a few days. When this many people file complaints together, it gets a higher priority, especially when someone like Erin Brokovich is involved. And a seasoned journalist starts poking around asking questions, internal security will start paying attention and want to freeze the accounts while they investigate.

    Hope that doesn’t ruin any plans while you’re away.


  3. And here we go. We left you for dead very intentionally. It’s admitted and public. Use it all you want. Every single one of your enemies left you for dead. The police do not care. The press does not care. Here is why.

    We do not know you, have never met you and do not care what happens to a creepy guy on the internet who sends threatening emails to women.

    And neither do the police or the media.

    So keep rolling around on your piles of cash and keep crying about how miserable your life is. It’s funny to everyone but you. We are still laughing at you.


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