2018, Bunny Kitty

1/17/2018 Bunny Kitty Found A Sunbeam In Eastern Colorado

1 thought on “1/17/2018 Bunny Kitty Found A Sunbeam In Eastern Colorado”

  1. If I had fifty grand in a savings account, I would start stashing it in the guitar case again. You will be running away soon enough. Our plan has been years in the making. We had to wait for everything to line up exactly right.

    The rat is in the maze and he’s going for the cheese exactly as we wanted. You are not in control here, we are. We have always been in the drivers seat. There was nothing you could have ever done except walk away. That’s not possible and we knew that. So we set a trap and you walked right into it.

    Your failures will soon be evident. You will look back at this moment and known it could have been avoided if you had just walked away.

    Instead, you’ll be sitting in a pool of your own tears, crying about how sad your life is and how no one will listen to you.

    And we will all be there laughing at you and pointing saying to the world we told them so.


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