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1/22/2018 It Was A Little Cold In Nebraska


4 thoughts on “1/22/2018 It Was A Little Cold In Nebraska”

  1. Given how cold blooded you are about being a father, that should feel pretty normal to you.

    This takes me back to some phone calls with your dad. Jeff was funny, like naturally funny. He could tell a joke that was rude and make anyone laugh. Genetics must have skipped a generation.

    Jeff said that he always wanted to support you especially with music but you were too arrogant and never appreciated that he put a roof over your head and food on your table. He always said you mom, Kathleen was too protective and that’s part of why you turned out this way. Jeff felt that if maybe you had just gotten a little more discipline, you might not have turned into the failure you are today.

    Today, on Father’s day, we remember the true hero your father was. Dozens of people called him a hero and that’s all visible to the public. No one has ever called you a hero. No one. You have to resort to making up stories about being a hero. Carol told you dad the truth about what happened, that you didn’t save her and you used her car when she was sick, even after she told you not to. That’s not what heroes do. That’s what con men do.


      1. You are no closer to a lawsuit than ever before.

        Here’s the greatest thing in the world. If by some miraculous series of events you manage to maintain a lawyer past the first few days, and then you actually keep them for the months to years to file a lawsuit, we win long before that.

        If you file a lawsuit, your contact information becomes public. Your lawyer’s name becomes public. We can know when and where you will be so people like Diane, Jayne, Peter, Bob, and the rest can have you served with criminal complaints. It would be a convention of Sheriffs waiting with papers to get you.

        You know this. It’s why all you have is a blog and no balls. Just wait, the lawyer is going to tell you there’s no way around you being in court in person no matter how many lives you lie and say you’re trying to save with your fake job.


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