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1/31/2018 Baked Brie At Ken Stewart’s Steak House In Akron, Ohio

I had amazing time over the last week spending time with my children, my family, and my friends. I thought I’d end the trip with a visit to the most expensive restaurant in Akron.


Now, it’s time to head back to LA and get busy with the next phase of my life.

4 thoughts on “1/31/2018 Baked Brie At Ken Stewart’s Steak House In Akron, Ohio”

  1. Make no mistake. You are our bitch. You jump whenever we command it. You do exactly what we want whenever we want it.

    Weak minds like yours are the easiest to control.


      1. Offer to take the attorneys out for a meal. That way you can impress them with how much money you have.


      2. An attorney wouldn’t be impressed by money. Solvency has been established. Trust me on that. When you own the business I own, with multi millionaire clients, money isn’t an issue.


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