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1/31/2018 Spending Time With My Grandma In Cuyahoga Falls

Believe it or not this is her smiling. My grandma is amazing. She’s like Judge Judy times 1000, and as you can see, we look alike.


7 thoughts on “1/31/2018 Spending Time With My Grandma In Cuyahoga Falls”

    1. She didn’t. This was from the time Alex was not giving Matt as much money for a while. He was upset about something Matt did. Having access to an iPhone means reading a lot of things we didn’t know.


      1. I’m certain they will side with you and help you in your online wars. That must be why you cannot get a lawyer to represent you or why the police and media ignore you.

        Because of your connections with the mayor.

        Do you have any idea how dumb you are? Or is it just too much to handle? Sounds like you might have a head trauma or some kind of special ability to not notice that everyone sees through your lies.


      2. If you had hired someone, the easiest trick in the world is to say who it is so we start contacting them.

        Here’s where you prove you are not only a coward, but a liar. You won’t put the name and phone number of an attorney out there for us. You’re terrified we will talk to them and expose all the lies you’re telling them. You’re far too stupid to tell a lawyer everything and you will lie to them. That’s grounds for dismissal and keeping the retainer.

        All is happening according to our plan, not yours.


      3. I’d much rather the attorney just reveal themselves to police, city officials, and the media first, and watch them suddenly realize they’re fucked.


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