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9/24/2016 Metallica At Global Citizen Fest In New York City


5 thoughts on “9/24/2016 Metallica At Global Citizen Fest In New York City”

  1. Given the close relationship Matt had with Metallica, having worked with them on Nikki Blakk’s video, it’s so sad to see he was so far away from the stage.

    Nikki knows Metallica. The closes Matt came to working with Lars and James was editing footage Nikki already had of them from the station.

    Yeah, we talked to Nikki. She hates Matthew Berdyck. Nikki knows that Matt is a freak and would never work with him in any capacity. She bought his bullshit at first, thinking he was a professional. Then when he showed up with his little camcorder and smelling like a homeless guy who pissed on himself, she just felt like “Oh god, he is so full of shit and some of it is on his pants”


    She tolerated him for a time just to keep Matt’s crazy at bay. Now she openly tells anyone not to work with him or reply to him in any way. Nikki has joined our club as someone who actively believes Matt is dangerous and deranged.


  2. No one is going to be called in as a witness. There will be no court, not trial. All of your emails get published online moments after you send them. Us all making fun of you is in no way illegal. You are an asshole and mocking assholes is a first amendment right.

    We’ve told you repeatedly, Iowa cyber laws do not apply. Only some of us are from Iowa and unless you are in Iowa at this moment and filing with Iowa local police, those laws are not applicable.

    You are on the run and that gives us an enormous advantage. You do not have a home or a place of business which allows us to constantly flout these aspects with even less culpability. You’re fucked little man.


  3. Don’t you see the forces lining up against you? The state police in Virginia are now talking to the IC3 guys in Akron’s FBI office, the chief of police in Des Moines, and the LA county’s District Attorney about Matthew Berdyck. And now you pissed off some powerful people in Warren County again.

    The retired general thinks you are a freak. He was just being polite and has nothing nice to say about all the damn noise you made with your music. And now there’s anonymous tips that you had large quantities of illicit drugs near his home. He is all kinds of not happy with you.


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