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1/29/2018 Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Burger At Dave & Buster’s In Cleveland

Took my kids on a $300 video game extravaganza, and discovered this unique creation.


1 thought on “1/29/2018 Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Burger At Dave & Buster’s In Cleveland”

  1. You took your kid, singular, to Dave and Busters. Sebastian told us all about this. Sorry, but a $300 meal does not make up for years of neglect and abuse you heaped upon your own son. Taking him into a recording studio didn’t really impress him either. All he saw was a has been wannabe playing shit guitar and wasting everyone’s time including Sebastian’s.

    It must make you so angry to see everyone else succeeding where you fail all the time. Diane has millions of real readers on several sites. Peter has over a million views on YouTube and gets into international film festivals while no one watches your crap on any site. Erin has a real Hollywood movie about her and appears on TV as a respected activist, something that will never happen to you in your life.

    It must really burn you up inside to always be compared to success and never being taken seriously. And really depressing to tell people about these replies and have no one care. Not one person gives a shit about you for even five minutes.

    Not even your kids.



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