2018, Bunny Kitty

Bunny Kitty Likes Ride Up Front


2 thoughts on “Bunny Kitty Likes Ride Up Front”

  1. Watching you kick and scream makes us laugh. You will not open an office. An office means you have an address and you know damn well that any business will be raided by the FBI when they are given anonymous tips about drug deals and money laundering.

    And when they find out the connection to Pizzagate, well protesters might start showing up outside that office too. No one wants to deal with the kind of problems that come from a controversial public figure like Matthew Berdyck. Say goodbye to that deposit and rent.

    More money will have been wasted. We will continue to win and you will lose. Bigly.


    1. We openly admit to communicating with the police in Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, California, New York, and West Virginia.

      Your story is not true. We have already proven it to the police and the press. We will never be subject to cross examination. Pull the strings, make the puppet dance, and never get caught.

      Just wait. It might not be tomorrow. If the attorney agrees to take your case, they will still drop you in less than two weeks. I think we’ve already sufficiently sullied the waters and they will send you an email or mail you a letter declining to represent you.

      Our recommendation to you is to walk away. Surrender and beg for mercy. Apologize and pay to promote the post on Facebook. That would be a noble thing for you to do to all the people you’ve hurt. If you forget a name, that would be bad.


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