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Check Ma New Boots Out

“New boot goofin,” in my Dan Post’s.  I never thought I’d spend $500 on boots, but these are total rock star meets desert cowboy, which is kind of matches my vibe.


4 thoughts on “Check Ma New Boots Out”

  1. We are going to keep taking things away from you. Get ready to sell some more guitars. You won’t have shit very soon. You won’t be able to mooch of your grandmother this time. Alex will be done with you soon enough.

    Game over.


  2. Larry’s lawyer already spread the word about Matt in Des Moines. You won’t find any help there. A real millionaire knows real attorneys. Fake millionaires write on Facebook that they are millionaires when they have a few thousand bucks in the bank.

    You can print this out and take it to any court in the land. You still have to prove it’s true. Even when it is true, you won’t get anyone to admit to it. We all think you’re scum and deserve this so we are all going to continue laughing at this.

    There’s nothing you can do. Nothing at all. Spend that money. Waste it all and we will do nothing but laugh at you.

    You hear the voices, don’t you? The echoing of all this laughter at your situation, it’s so loud. We see you wearing a sport coat trying to pretend that’s what makes you look rich. Blowing money on drinks for people in your hometown, pretending that driving Alex’s fancy car makes you a big shot. It’s too funny! You are silly and stupid. Bubba likes you, he really does. And even he doesn’t believe a word you say. Menser knows you have been full of shit for well over 25 years. Even they laugh at some of the things we’ve sent them that you’ve written.

    And sadly you think you can disprove reality.


    1. How’s those 600 jobs in Front Royal? That Avtex site? Development stopped. 😉

      I win because you lie to people and portray me as weak, so my opponents never see me coming. You are the best thing to happen to me since I made my first million. Lol

      Oh and hey. Guess what. That former head of CBS is also the former head of Discovery, where Diane works.



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