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I Also Like To Buy Guitars And Record Music While I’m Traveling

White Ibanez Jem Jr. for recording guitar solos.


ESP LTD James Hetfield signature w/ EMG Het Set pickups, for recording rhythm guitars.


ESP LTD six string bass


One Gallon WD-40 “Canjo” slide guitar


Gibson SG


Basically, I can only travel until I fill my car completely up with guitars. Then, I have to go home, where I have most of the  following, sans the Les Paul and Master of Puppets guitar, which are soon being replaced.


Needless to say, when I get home I have my own recording studio, so I can do full productions of the songs I’ve demoed on the road.

This is what recording guitars in a hotel shower looks like.


So all of this travel isn’t pointless.  There’s a large thread of the active creation of various types of art, while I’m exploring the county, being newly inspired everywhere I go.

Travel is my muse.


13 thoughts on “I Also Like To Buy Guitars And Record Music While I’m Traveling”

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