6 thoughts on “3/4/2018 Morton’s Steak House In Las Vegas”

  1. Nothing will happen with that movie deal. We’re already unraveling who it is and they will cut you off as soon as we transfer them the evidence.

    You will have no deal, no life that we do not dictate you can have. All that awaits you is a life of running. Constantly trying to scam the next useful idiot. And you will fail because of our efforts. The entire team has a bet on whether you will go to jail or just run out of money. Erin thinks you will die in the streets all alone after a trick turns bad and you piss off the wrong guy when you’re sucking cock in an alley.


    1. Your films, if you mean YouTube videos, never seem to get done. You have countless projects you allegedly make that no one ever sees. This will be no different. Remember Royal Front Films? Your threats mean nothing when you keep on promising films that will expose corruption and punish your enemies.

      There was a film about corruption at the EPA Region 5 office. Never happened.

      There was a film about corruption at the Franklin County Court system. Never happened.

      There was a film about corruption at the Akron City Council. Never happened.

      There was a film about corruption at the EDA of Front Royal. Never happened.

      There was a film about corruption at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Never happened.

      There was a film about corruption at the Barstow high school. Never happened.

      This might be way no lawyer is going to take on your case. You’re an idiot. A loud mouthed idiot who keeps saying dumb shit and never ever does any of what he says.

      And you bring so much laughter to the media when you do these things too. You are the laughing stock, like a court jester of the entire Activism world. Look at your ridiculous photos with stupid hats. No one is going to take you seriously because you clearly are not serious about anything. One look at you and any lawyer is going to know you are a joke.


      1. What are you suing the Register for? For choosing not to report on the weirdo on the internet who claims to be an activist and no one has ever heard of? Or not writing about the superfund project near Des Moines when these reporters have access to real scientists and the actual EPA? Or not writing a piece about a typical and very short bar fight that happens in every city every single night?

        If you haven’t already been laughed out of the offices of the law firm, you’re just putting off the inevitable later in the day. Either way, you’ve already given us our daily giggle fit at your stupidity.

        And to think you have a master plan to try to get to us by suing Larry Smithson or the District bar. We are insulated from things like that. You won’t even get near a courtroom. And the likelihood you will have your hands full with a civil suit from Larry seems very high, especially if your cowardly ass actually goes near Des Moines without hiding like a coward.


      2. I’ve never been afraid to go near a courtroom. And Larry is free to sue. You made sure all his wtniesses made public statements AND posted them on the internet. All of them are conflicting.


      3. We made sure everyone had the truth and that your lies, which everyone called out, were exposed. Truth is a defense against defamation.

        I forgot you’ve spent plenty of time in courtrooms in your life, as your criminal record reflects. The record we sent to every single person on Facebook who shared or liked your post. There’s nothing illegal about that, stupid.

        File a lawsuit.

        “Your honor, I want to sue people for telling the truth about me. It affected my income. According to myself, I made too much money from all their shenanigans. So I want to sue for the income I lost that I didn’t lose but gained. I know this is confusing your honor. Just understand. I, Matthew Berdyck, am completely retarded.”


  2. Good. You are publicly going to humiliate yourself some more. Whatever you do, please keep claiming that you can name these producers and scientists in private.

    You will destroy your own public presence on your own. This is amazing. Your credibility is being eroded by your own hand. No one will ever believe you.

    Even better, you know that if you name the producer, we will all contact the producer and you know they will believe us over you. That is the only reason you won’t name them, aside from you making up the entire deal.

    We win either way. We always win and you will always lose.


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