2018, Food, Steak

3/8/2018 Jake’s Steak House In Tehachapi, California

A waypoint headed into Northern California, from Vegas, on the edge of the mountainous high desert, Jake’s Steak House delivers the goods.



2 thoughts on “3/8/2018 Jake’s Steak House In Tehachapi, California”

  1. I don’t think you’ll be enjoying these steaks in the cell block. The closest thing to this you’ll be getting is a black tube steak down your throat. Whatever you do, don’t shave that beard. They’ll love it thinking it’s more like a real pussy.

    As we pull the strings, our little puppet dances on command. You’re doing exactly what we want when we want.

    When we pull the carpet from beneath your feet, even when you try to hide that the deal falls apart, we will know. And we will laugh at you. And the rest of the world will know how much of a failure you are.


  2. We’re begging you to keep eating like this, Matt, so you can die of heart disease just like your fatass father.


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