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3/28/2018 Racing Around LA In A Convertable With A Mega Producer

Documentary talk.  Lots of it.


5 thoughts on “3/28/2018 Racing Around LA In A Convertable With A Mega Producer”

  1. So sorry to hear that you won’t be getting that deal with their company. Turns out production units don’t like to be associated with a guy who lies about his resume.

    When you find out they are “going another direction” or whatever polite way they tell you to fuck off, you will know it was us who got through to them and made this happen.

    Every single failure and deal that goes south will be all of us working in the shadows making it happen. We are so arrogant we can right this out in the public with no fear of retribution. Matt cannot stop us. The police won’t even take a real report from Matt. Journalists will never respond to Matt either, no matter how much this happens to him for the next 20 years.

    That’s because we are who we say we are, because he we have the ultimate power and Matt has no power. The rest of your life will continue to be scams and lonely dinners at expensive steak houses, while real power and real achievements elude Matt.


  2. This is what will happen. You will start at the school, then they will kick you out. They will never acknowledge that we are the reason. Every single student in the entire college will know who and what you are because we will stop at nothing with our optimized search engine operation. You will have no peace as everyone in every class reads your facebook posts, psychotic blogs, and emails.

    They will be forced to make up a reason to expel you and they will. Never once will we have any consequence for this. You can post this comment, tell the world and no one will believe you. No one will care.



  3. Money is not being raised. The director has been informed that you improperly tried to solicit funds and that you are not licensed with the FTC to sell investments in a film. Bye bye contact. Once they verify that you ain’t got that money and tried to get it illegally, you are done again.

    You did not file with the Federal Trade Commission for raising money for the film, did you? More laws broken by Matthew Berdyck, financial crimes that have to be reported to his bank. Using his own blogs and facebook posts as evidence that he is illegally trying to raise money.

    Even more investigation with your accounts! All by your own doing. Didn’t your dad ever tell you not to brag on the internet? Awe, so sorry. I forgot that Jeff hated you and didn’t give a shit about what you did.


  4. How many people have you met that have had terrible experiences with you in the industry? Comparing your version of the story of Jaclyn Alexis and Jaquelynn Remery versus their truth, you have two credible professional woman sounding genuinely afraid. If you still had the texts, show off the complete conversations. Show both sides. They certainly kept all of their texts from you. They are also preserved in a file with the cybercrimes office at the LA DA.

    All of this is verifiable. You even gave a journalist the contact emails and used them as professional references. Sure, you can use the same old tired writing and try to say that email is not provably Matthew Berdyck. Sadly, the references you used had that exact same email address as their contact for Matthew Berdyck at that time. And how would anyone obtain the private emails of your references anyways?

    Logic and sanity abandons you like your Hollywood connections do.

    We are beating you. You cannot win. You can do nothing. You can stop nothing. You are nothing.


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