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3/31/2018 Cruising The Bay Area In My New BMW

Now I have TWO BMW’s and a Land Rover.  This one, though, good lord it’s faster than the first one!


5 thoughts on “3/31/2018 Cruising The Bay Area In My New BMW”

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  2. BMW4 2014 white color
    Purchased 8/24/2017
    8DIU417 California plates
    VIN# WBA3N9C54EK245385

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    1. This info was so helpful. We got it to many people who can use it to track him or for tips to the police on helping them find a possibly dangerous criminal.


  3. The guys at Mike’s Auto Sales were kind enough to give us some details about the purchase of this lovely vehicle. It had 23,000 miles on it. They are right by the airport, so convenient.

    The walls are continually closing in on you. They are getting closer and closer. Fewer and fewer places to run to and hide.

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