2018, Food

4/28/2018 Another Day Another Chicago Stuffed Crust Pizza



2 thoughts on “4/28/2018 Another Day Another Chicago Stuffed Crust Pizza”

  1. This blog is only up because we allow it to be. You are our toy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    You are powerless to stop us. You have nothing we have not let you have. Your existence relies on our amusement at your actions.

    You may go.


  2. Failure is a way of life for you. There is nothing you will succeed at. Your single will never be released and we are laughing at your epic fall from nothing to less than the scum on the inside of Marjorie’s crusty old vagina. If she even exists.

    Your feeble mind cannot comprehend the many ways in which we have mastered your life. Even as your fleet of white cars are destroyed, we can keep them from getting proper care. We can get a tow driver to charge you that much more because we can tell them you have cash and are desperate. Then you lose.

    You always lose. You can’t beat us any more than you can beat the wind.


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