2018, Random

5/15/2018 Chatsworth, California

I’ve been on the road for 7 years, 500,000 miles of travel, to 2,000 cities. I can’t say I don’t enjoy my travels, but straight up, it’s nice to be home



3 thoughts on “5/15/2018 Chatsworth, California”

  1. We can track you. We know everywhere you’ve really gone.

    How else did we get the Vehicle Identification Number for all of your cars if we weren’t physically inside of them?

    You can kick and scream and claim we broke in or trespass. No one is looking into this and no one will help you.

    The only place you can tell your story is on your own pathetic wordpress pages. No one else is listening except yourself. Even the alternative media will ignore your story. You know your life is pretty pathetic when the Alex Jones types think you are fucking insane.

    Just more of our internet vigilante group winning and you losing.


  2. Why not tweet about any of this? One more site you are banned from. You could not stop any of our accounts and we got you kicked off for a while. Show them this. They won’t care. It will not help you and it won’t stop us.

    All of us are going to laugh at you when your movie deal is revealed to be deader than roadkill. We’ll even have another party in your honor where people will talk about the cyberpredator named Matt who couldn’t even get a movie deal when he had it in his grasp.

    Poof. Gone.

    And to think you have several more years of this to look forward too.


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