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5/7/2018 ‘801 Chophouse’ in Denver

Think I may have found a new favorite.  Bill was $177, though, making this the most expensive steak I’ve found outside of LA. Totally worth it.


6 thoughts on “5/7/2018 ‘801 Chophouse’ in Denver”

  1. Since you were living in a trailer park, no one believes you are rich. We know exactly where you’ve lived and stayed. It was never a mystery to any of us. We have researchers and detectives on our side. When our people are so deeply connected with law enforcement and the media, you have no chance of winning.

    We control your life. You think you’re the only one posting misleading information?



    1. Your claims of being denied anything because of your alleged disability have no merit. No one can say with any certainty what your disability supposedly even is. You’ve changed to story so many times, it’s doubtful you even know what it is.

      We have been filing complaints with SSD about your lifestyle and how you are probably not entitled to the disability checks anymore. And the high likelihood that an investigation needs to be started that all your claims might be fraudulent. It’s taken over two years and now they have seen our evidence and have been paying attention whenever we send them posts where you claim you have never been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness. Did you know that part of the disability requirements include being on medication? Not only might you lose your disability checks ever month into you auto deposit, they might seek restitution if they determine you got on disability because of a fraud.

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  2. You can do nothing to any of us. We won and you cannot accept your defeat.

    And you will talk to this attorney, whom we have already reached out to. They will lie and say no one has contacted them because that’s our request. They will decide not to represent you. Too bad because you spent some money to promote the post.

    Must be frustrating to lose this often and to women.


    1. I didn’t spend any money promoting posts. Facebook paid for it.

      And no it’s not frustrating, it’s been a normal part of my life to have such attention heaved upon me by females. Comes with being who I am.


      1. You have an over active imagination.

        So ironic to have a guy like Bird Dick complain about our writing when his photo blog has more than 100 typos. Really showing off your lack of education and inability to learn.


  3. You keep trying to say we are lying. You keep trying to peddle the idea that your criminal record isn’t real because some of the charges were dismissed.

    It’s perfectly clear no one believes that. Especially in light of how you behave, real or online fake persona. If it’s just a fake online character you play and it has a negative affect on your real life, like allegedly preventing you from renting a room, then try not playing the character. Try just being the super nice guy you are in real life that everyone who has ever met you in person has said you are.

    Except that isn’t true. You have images of you getting beaten to a pulp for being an asshole in real life. In real life, you mouthed off and those guys smashed your laptop and bruised your eye slightly.


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