2018, Random

My Fleet Of White Cars

Some weird guy who obsesses over me said I have a “fleet of white cars.”  I guess I do.  Never thought of it like that. Just got my Land Rover back from the shop yesterday.  New sun roof and windshield.


Also got my 328i fully fixed, as well. Some people might think owning three cars is awesome but to me it’s expensive! Still, though, all these years later and still ballin.



3 thoughts on “My Fleet Of White Cars”

  1. Alex’s cars look nice all together with him in the picture too.

    What you do not seem to comprehend about your situation is that we control it. Your movie deal is dead and you don’t know it yet. You still believe there’s a chance, that everything is okay. It’s not. We aren’t dealing with the low level lackey you are talking to. We’re talking to the people with money. Your future belongs to us and always has.

    Just wait. You will see soon enough that your career has failed. You can tell anyone you want about our involvement and no one will care or help you.

    We’ve already won the war.


  2. Connections to a mayor, the police, and all the same connections you used to have in Flint Michigan? That didn’t turn out well. It won’t here either. California will turn on you quicker than a lightening strike when they talk to our friends like Marc Beaart at the LA DA. When more people in the industry confirm with Jaclyn about what you said and did, like this guy is doing now *GIGGLES* you can say goodbye to all these deals.

    We already have every assurance that no one will prosecute any of us. We can continue our optimization and our actions without anyone doing anything to us. You cannot even sue us in civil court. Every attorney you try to hire will confirm with us and they will drop the case.

    All the money in the world cannot save you from what is about to happen. Your deals are dead. Your career is over. You are about to lose another home, albeit a mobile home LOL


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