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5/15/2018 Wagyu Beef At Mastro’s Ocean Club In Malibu

Literally, the best steak I’ve ever ate.  Hands down.


Bill was $400 w/ $75 tip. Worth every penny.


5 thoughts on “5/15/2018 Wagyu Beef At Mastro’s Ocean Club In Malibu”

  1. Spending that kind of money and he still won’t return your calls? I wonder what clued this producer in that you’re a psychopath? Was it the emails we sent? Was it a phone call from a respected journalist?

    You will never know.

    And we already do.


    1. We all know that Matt grossly exaggerates his net worth and the amount of money he spends.


      1. How does the bill confirm that you have anything other than Alex’s paypal account?


        This proves you like to spend Alex’s cash, nothing more and nothing less.


  2. As opposed to figuratively the best steak you’ve ever ate [sic]? Jeff and Kathleen raised a real “genius.”


    1. Do you think we have not tipped off the chief in Des Moines about you heading back there on Monday? After all your bizarre contacts, he has everything he needed to get the psyche hold. We did assist him with some testimony and connections with other law enforcement. Looks like a few officers in Virginia had a similar notion to hold you for questioning. Des Moines wants to make sure they don’t let you slip past them.

      Anonymous tracking tips are helping out. They don’t have to question the source. Seems like the city of Des Moines wants to put the Hero in jail sometime soon. Maybe the two lady cops will hold your hand while getting your prints and tell you what a hero you are as they book you.


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