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5/17/2018 Relaxing On Venice Beach


6 thoughts on “5/17/2018 Relaxing On Venice Beach”

  1. Enjoy that freedom while it lasts. It won’t. Soon you will be on cell block D with the sodomites that anally violate little bitches like you before breakfast. After they are done with you, the gangs will take you in the laundry room and make you suck them all off one by one.

    All while we enjoy our success and take a break from laughing at you.


    1. After word gets out in prison that Matt is a Homo, he’ll be wearing diapers the rest of his life.


      1. We are telling people who you are, who you really are. You are nobody, you are nothing, and you have no power. You get your ass kicked every time we battle. You’ve never won a damn thing and you know it.

        All of your enemies are thriving and everyone we speak to about you listens to us and not you, and the best thing is our invasions into communities are one hundred percent successful.

        You cannot stop us. This will never end. You were destroyed years ago. Right now, we are talking to a joke, nothing but a laughable idiot.


      2. No one deserves to have their home broken into.

        Except that fat fucking piece of shit that told everyone on the blue mountain what a cocksucker he was and started all that shit with his lies about being famous. Even the cops were like, fuck that piece of shit, let him get robbed.

        That’s redneck justice and it works just fine on asshats like Matt.


  2. Mike took the blood oath. He will lie on the stand just like the rest of us have agreed. We can even admit that out in the open and get away with it. No one cares. They still will never believe you. We are much more powerful than you.


    1. Know who else wears boots like that? The Mexican Cartels. Does it make their environmental activism legitimate?



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