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5/20/2018 Enjoying The Morning At Venice Beach

Been driving over here a lot lately.  I love it.


6 thoughts on “5/20/2018 Enjoying The Morning At Venice Beach”

  1. You will never be a popular guy at a party. Everyone just wants to get away from you. They can inherently smell the psycho emanating from your rotten core. You think people like you and you’re wrong. Some part of your fucked up brain knows this very well. You aren’t trying to convince any of us, you want to believe your lies yourself.

    And this is where reality falls apart. You have no references, no legitimate people behind you. At leas not anymore. heh heh heh


  2. If you filed complaints with the Department of Justice, what is the case number? Reference number? Anything to verify that you aren’t lying like you do about everything else.

    The police in Des Moines are able to get away with what they’ve done and will continue to do. You have no power to stop them or us.

    Lucky for us, you are not a damn thing of what you claim you are. You are less than nothing. You are a punchline to a life long joke about what Jeff’s son turned into.


    1. I just spoke to a few more of Matt’s little friends from Kenmore. They all say he is not at all what he says he is. They say Matt has been a pathological liar his entire life and has only gotten worse. They don’t think he’s going to harm any of them, so they tolerate it. Some of his family said Matt could turn dangerous as he is known to have been violent in the past.

      Now is paranoid fantasies are getting out there and he’s the one promoting them. It’s like he is losing his mind again. And all we can do is comment on it, share it with the law, and chuckle a little at how stupid he is.


      1. You have already been proven a fraud. When asked by journalists for evidence of toxic waste, you say get in your BMW. When asked for scientific test results, you say look at my $6,000 in steaks. When asked who your producer is, all you can do is show a picture of a Movado watch.

        There, you were just proven as a total con man with nothing legitimate about himself. Prove you are legitimate and start naming scientists and producers. You can’t and you won’t and you will have just proven you have no credibility on Twitter to a bunch of journalists and film people watching right now.

        You just hung your reputation and just flushed down the toilet any hope of being taken seriously. This is all happening better than we imagined. You’re doing great so far. Keep going. Keep doing this. You are like the Michael Jackson puppet moonwalking on command right now.



  3. Our puppet continues to do our bidding. Attacking Peter again will involve the Columbus investigators once more and open that case up. You are wrong about the evidence. Mr. Fox has told the reporters we know that most of the archive is admissible as long as law enforcement contacts Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, and all the sites to confirm their legitimacy. He says most of the larger cities have a cybercrimes person who already has expedited contacts with social media companies.

    And now we have Mr. Fox advising the smaller cities like Des Moines on who to contact, sharing a file on a case that now reaches multiple state lines.

    All it took was an email to Peter to get him to look at Twitter. And you took our bait like a big fat giant stupid fish. Look at us telling you our plan like a Bond villain and you’re still too stupid to walk away. You cannot escape yourself and what we know you will do. You will play the role we made for you and you will do it well.


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