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5/21/2018 The Road From Santa Monica To The Pacific Coast Highway

On my way to Malibu…


6 thoughts on “5/21/2018 The Road From Santa Monica To The Pacific Coast Highway”

  1. Those assurances are worthless. Once they higher ups hear from us, your deal is dead. We’ve already been told it’s over. You just don’t know it yet. Won’t it be fun if they yank your deal in a few months, after you believe it’s all going so well? Fun for us. Not so much for a hack with no talent.

    We own you. You are nothing but a rag doll we are throwing around for fun. Your freedom at the moment is nothing more than a sweetener to your ultimate fate as a runaway and once again homeless.

    Our plans include stopping all of it at some point. We just want to have fun first. This is why you can add whatever characters you want. It just makes your story even more hilarious to us all. No one will help you tell this tale. Once they find out it’s based on us, they will side with us and run from you.

    They always do.


    1. We let the director’s people know that Matthew Berdyck’s fundraising was illegal and the SEC is now investigating any possible crimes relating to Matt raising funds without the proper corporate structure. Tricky business fundraising. It’s not as simple as a moron like Matt would think. Luckily we consulted and expert and he told us what we needed to know to inform Paypal and Netspend once more about the suspicious account activity.


      1. Why do you write shit like this? Do you think it works? I mean, I sit here and I’m like, this person is… there’s just something wrong with them.


      2. Not a single photo of Matthew Berdyck on a movie set, working with any other people on a movie. Seems like he’s a fraud to anyone who asks about his whole fake career. No pictures at the Cartoon Network offices, no photos of Matt shooting a national film, and no photos of him with a producer.

        Game over. Matt’s a fraud.


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