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2/22/2018 My Favorite Thing: Cruising In The Desert

I own a rental property in Ridgecrest. On my way there to fix some things.



7 thoughts on “2/22/2018 My Favorite Thing: Cruising In The Desert”

  1. Only your dumb ass can rent in a trailer park and call it home ownership. And your landlords are not happy with you, as all your past landlords have been unhappy with you. Alex won’t let you live with him ever again. Ever question why? Or are you too busy trying to get more cash from him?

    Showing pictures of a mobile home would destroy your image of success you’re so desperate to convey. Especially one with roaches and insects from your messy lifestyle. They say people with severe mental illness are disorganized. You are very disorganized.

    Tiffanie had a lot to say when our team contacted her. She had let all your neighbors know all about you once she saw our evidence. No matter where you go, we will be there waiting with a Google search full of truth.


    1. Matt would work at a McDonald’s drive-thru and call it “working in the restaurant industry.”


      1. On Monday, your appointment will go like this. The lawyers, really more of the paralegals will listen to your story. They will look at your fake evidence and then you will get mad. You will be angry because they are going to tell you the truth. You do not have any evidence that is admissible in court. You cannot prove that any of your theories are true in a court of law.

        You will cause a scene as you inevitably always do. You will write a bad one star review on Facebook of the firm. You might even get out your little phone and say mean things about them on a Facebook Live video.

        Even if you suddenly became smart and don’t do your normal routine, we will hear back from the firm ourselves and we will get the details of what was said. If they do not represent you, there is no attorney client privilege, and we will add another officer of the court to present more evidence of your mental instability.

        We win, you lose. No matter what.


      2. Not sure what you mean by “cause a scene” but I’m not suing you, I’m suing other people, and counting on them trying to use your information. You’re just my tool to win.


      3. Great plan! All people have gotten are accurate and real criminal records that will hold up in court. And they didn’t get them from us directly.

        This is so great. You think you know what happened. You have zero doubts. When you are wrong, it will cost you time and money and we will laugh even harder at you.

        Please, continue going down this road.


  2. Your PR people cannot help you and they won’t. You will get no press for your story. It will not happen. They will contact us or our associates and then you will get no further.

    We own you. Your entire life exists only because we allow it.

    And we are not granting permission for your pathetic story to be released. You can even show them this, screengrab it all you want, send it to them as proof. It won’t matter. They will tell you some excuse. The truth is we control the narrative.

    Your new connections do not compare to the old boys network.


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