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5/23/2018 Vegas – Fuck It Why Not

Vegas is always fun.


9 thoughts on “5/23/2018 Vegas – Fuck It Why Not”

  1. How sad is it that you will never get your movie finished? We find it funny. You’re funny. As we laugh at your struggle to appear legitimate, as you are desperate to prove you have money, all you succeed at is making a fool of yourself.

    And this is why we laugh at you. This is why no media outlet will say your name. You aren’t worth a damn thing. Your own father and sister told everyone that you were worthless and pathetic. You are not and never will be a real man.


  2. Gambling away in more ways than he knows. Matt’s future looks bleak. He thinks getting fat will make him more unattractive to the other inmates. No way. They will eat him up and spit him out. After the anal violations in the shower and in the yard. The guards will hate Matt just as much as anyone on the outside. We’ll even pay them to look the other way.

    I hope Alex has been using a strap on with Matt so he gets used to this again.


  3. You don’t have to go to Vegas to gamble. You went to Des Moines and gambled your freedom. You lost.

    What you going to do when the come for you? What you going to do?

    The entire vigilante group is dancing right now. The stupidity of Matthew Berdyck knows no limits. Most people would just let a bar fight go, no big deal.

    Not Matthew Berdyck! He wants to make a major issue out of it. Now everyone involved is ratcheted up to 20. They guy Matt kicked was going to walk away, just some drunken incident. Then we told him all about Matt and his alleged millions. And his helper on Facebook Alex Hwang. You should have seen the dollar bill signs in his eyes.

    Civil suits from him and Larry? Matt’s going to have criminal charges against him and a civil lawsuit.

    No more easy street. Or is the Easy Street in Mountain View? LOL


      1. Civil suits are a little slower than that. They will come in time.

        The assault charges however… Be patient little puppet. We will pull our strings soon enough.

        Right now, it just brings us joy to toy with you for our own amusement. If you aren’t panicked yet, that’s fantastic. It will hit you like a brick to the forehead when you realize we aren’t bluffing and your goose is cooked. If you are panicked and on the run, we have joy there too as our rabbit tries to flea the predator that is responsibility for your own actions.

        We cannot lose, you see?

        What can you do to any of us? Nothing. Nothing at all. No one will listen to your bullshit stories. No media will cover you or your shit. The police will not take your reports or lift a finger against us. Every time you try to lash out at those you think are behind this, you get exposed further and make it easier to put a light on your past.

        And you have decade of this to look forward to. You will never give up which is perfectly fine. A good challenge is never a bad thing when you’re so far ahead you cannot lose.

        We can get you to waste time and money on campaigns, on projects, and we will always stop them with little time spent and no money.

        The other option is that you walk away. Just walk away and stop.

        You can’t so we will go on winning and you will go on losing. It has always been your choice and you always choose wrong.

        And every time you suffer, every defeat that drives you crazy just brings happiness to everyone else. When bad people lose, good people cheer.


      2. Just be patient you lazy bastard. They will come for you when we decide they should. Good things come to those who wait.

        We’ve been very good.

        You will drop your guard. You will start to believe this won’t amount to anything and it’s all talk. That’s what Matthew Berdyck does so no one really does anything. The cops won’t take the time to get into this. Just relax. It’s all good. You’re in the clear.

        That’s where we want you to be. Or hyper vigilant. All the time. Looking over your shoulder wondering every time you pass a cop car if those lights are going to start flashing and your time has come.

        The stakes just got higher. Your play to be famous for saving a girl has backfired tremendously. You have legal liabilities and you exposed Alex to problems for bragging that you have him in your pocket in the same week. You cannot even get into the Meme group to delete all the evidence of what you said because you got banned for being a bitch.

        I love how dumb you are! It is the best.


      3. A handful of private messages about a non-event at a bar in Iowa and Matt’s ego just went into overdrive. So much so, he is attempting to get a protest going. No one is going to join the guy with the extensive criminal record that includes domestic violence protection orders against him. Chicks who want to protest violence against women do not want to stand with a guy who does what you did.

        We have sent over 700 private messages on Facebook explaining the real situation. We got over 550 responses saying they had no idea and no longer support Matthew Berdyck. Those are some amazing stats.

        Even the guy who was going to work with Matt saw the “mental status evaluation” from his criminal record, realized that Matt was found to be mentally incompetent to stand trial in his past and since he works at a law firm, he knows his own case just blew up. We even got him to verify Matt’s record. When he saw that we were not lying, he apologized to us.

        It’s over. Matt won’t stop. Matt has to prove he is right even when he’s wrong. Matt will get into some serious stupid territory.

        Let’s enjoy the show!


      4. Yes. Please enjoy. Larry has publicly stated that he’s communicated with you and when he’s deposed he can be asked about your involvement.

        You’re doing great. Kid’s lawsuit is moving forward and so is mine!


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