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2/24/2018 Traveling Through The Canyons Of Northern Arizona

Headed to Denver for steak. 6B147D2C-2CCF-4031-A23F-42ED99F8544C

9 thoughts on “2/24/2018 Traveling Through The Canyons Of Northern Arizona”

  1. The LAPD have been made aware of certain activities and they are looking into the rental properties as potential areas of suspicious activities. Anonymous tips were sent about seeing weapons and drugs on the premises. Multiple sources have confirmed that a possible drug dealer with two white BMW’s and a Land Rover has been involved in several transactions on the street with known criminals.

    You might want to avoid SoCal for a while.


  2. Matt is enormously fat, sweaty, wheezy, and out-of-breath all the time from his steak, pizza, and weed diet. Even Dom Deluise is his physical superior.


    1. The hero of the Blue Mountain Matthew Bird Dick is needed to come in to help sink Jennifer. Since you’re in DC, you can easily stop in and make a statement to Sgt. Cline at the Front Royal police station. She’s trying to reach you.


      The trap is set. Will you step in it? If you are who you say you are, then you can do this, show up and have nothing to worry about. Try to get justice served. Otherwise, Jennifer walks and the charges get dismissed and you are proven to be a liar. Or we are willing to sacrifice a pawn to take the queen.

      Feel free and print this and take it with you. It’s your evidence that everyone will ignore. Department of Justice has already ignored your nonsense complaints. It did however get added to the new file with Homeland Security. Turns out domestic terrorists who threaten people as often as you do has become a higher priority, potential school shootings and all.

      Didn’t you send someone an email claiming to be a potential mass gun shooter? Yes. You did. I wonder who recently did an interview with investigators about that email…


      1. I’m sure this will be addressed by my new attorney in Des Moines. You forced litigation. And you are at the center of it, but YOU can’t show up. 😉


      2. why do you write this stuff? For real? All of us would like to know. Obviously she was charged because the VSP have confirmed the charge and are working to help me have information for litigation purposes. So again, are you schizophrenic? Just seriously asking.


  3. How environmentally friendly! Driving two states away from where you live just for a cut of beef.


    1. And owning 3 cars – very conscious of the environmental issues.

      Is it really hard to figure out why the media ignores this fool? No. No it is not hard.


  4. We are playing three dimensional chess against the fat kid on our block that eats the checkers. All of his moves will fuck himself over. If he lashes out, as he always does at the wrong people, which he always does, then he will update all the civil and criminal filings against him in 2018.

    By emailing people like Diane and Jayne recently, he updated their criminal cases from closed to active. With them contacting each other and sharing this with the FBI’s IC3 officer who currently has his case, it re-opened that.

    With these incidents going on in Des Moines and with the Meme group, Matt has no clue just how fucked he really is. He is just plain to stupid to realize how deep he is digging a hole for himself. Because he got away with all this for so long, he stupidly though he could escalate without consequence.

    With a gentle nudge here and there on a blog comment or a tweet, staying within legal bounds, he took the bait like the big dumb animal he is.

    This is a big slow machine. It won’t turn overnight. We’ve got several weeks before the fireworks start. I cannot believe how fucking stupid Matt is to do what he is doing online right now.

    So desperate to keep those readers, reading his lies, and have the slightest attention, he’s doing nothing but fucking himself and Alex Hwang over. Leave that evidence in plain sight, idiot. I know you will. The puppet’s little fat legs dance when we pull them strings.

    Show everyone this post. Watch it continue to make no difference. No one believes you and they never will. Liars lie. And no one cares when they are left for dead.


    1. It’s really hard for him to reply while driving. He might get some wifi at McDonalds and check in. He thinks we cannot track his every move.


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