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2/27/2018 Chicago Deep Dish At Lou’s LaGrotto In Peru, Illinois


4 thoughts on “2/27/2018 Chicago Deep Dish At Lou’s LaGrotto In Peru, Illinois”

  1. This is so great! Most people take pictures of the people they are with. You’re always alone so you have to take pictures of the server and the food.

    If you weren’t such a prick, people might choose to spend time with you. You’re so awful, you’re own family won’t eat out with you or talk to you.

    And this is why you’re so fat now. Eating shit food like this is going to cause coronary problems. Get some help fat stuff.


  2. For anyone else, I would feel really sorry for some lonely guy who has to eat alone every day. Matthew Berdyck is not mentally ill. He says so himself all the time. That means he is a prick that knows exactly what he is doing.

    Assholes get treated like assholes. This is why Matt will spend the rest of his life being reminded of the things he says and does.

    Keep running away. We will be there when you arrive. Our SEO campaigns are designed to work in every circumstance and we have not failed yet. There isn’t a single place Matt can live where we don’t get to everyone around him. Not one corner of his family is not aware of what Matt has done to people.

    Everyone believes us and not Matt. He has a handful of useful idiots on Facebook that spend no time with Matt in real life. We get the vast majority of the people Matt tries to scam.

    Look at how ineffectual Matt’s last few campaigns and we destroyed them all.

    How does it feel to lose so much so often?


  3. We won. The only people speaking about Matthew Berdyck in Iowa are talking about his criminal records, his lies, and how everything thinks he is an asshat.

    The media will not write about you. Watch and see. We know this as a fact. You will not get any positive press. Several of us have already been contacted to confirm our side of the story. We have then spread the word to several more of our ranks and the investigator has gotten us all in touch with the rest.

    It’s Front Royal all over again. Matt is on the run, the local police want to “ask Matt a few questions” and Matt is going to stay as far away as he can.

    Our campaign, designed for cities of every size, has succeeded yet again. There will be no reporting on Matt or his new fake superfund issue he’s pulling out of his ass.

    Do you feel that? That’s what defeat feels like for you and victory for us. You may not know it yet. We kicked your ass again. We have a team. You have nothing and no one. The entire city literally thinks you are an asshole. That’s why you delete anyone who says so and then edit fake replies on your own fake activism blog.


  4. The brilliance of the plan is that by not stealing anything of value, no prosecutor would charge anyone with a crime just for breaking in and unplugging everything. The judge will throw out the case if no damage was done and no one was harmed.

    And to continue doing this, state to state, in various places, someone can enjoy you getting concerned and know that they will never be held accountable for it. It’s hysterical and everyone is laughing about it right now. Cops and judges, newspaper reporters, cybercrimes experts, and a few others are all getting a big kick out of this notion.


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