Des Moines Police Call Me A Hero

My campaigns in Des Moines triggered a police investigation.  I got this message earlier.


3 thoughts on “Des Moines Police Call Me A Hero”

  1. Is that what they are saying? Charges getting pressed this week say otherwise. Breaking a guy’s ribs while he was detained means you are not a hero.


    1. You can’t have pending litigation if you haven’t hired an attorney yet. There’s no court case which means there is no lawsuit pending. Learn the proper use of legal terms before you threaten lest you look like a complete fucking idiot.

      No law firm will work with you. They might take a meeting, especially take a retainer, and they will drop you after billing you for the non stop emails and phone calls. You seem to think hiring an attorney means they have to listen to you non stop or be your friend for life with total loyalty. You do not understand the most basic fundamentals of the law or lawyers.

      And it is so funny watching you flail and moan online.


  2. According to Chris, the chief of police, no officers said that Mr. Berdyck was a hero.



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