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Roadside Diner Fried Chicken And Cornbread In Eastern Nebraska

It’s not just about fine dining.  It’s about amazing food.


8 thoughts on “Roadside Diner Fried Chicken And Cornbread In Eastern Nebraska”

  1. This explains how you got so fucking fat. Lay off this shitty food and get some exercise. Sitting around all day with no one else to help you with your little online wars is going to cause you serious health problems.

    We want you around as our plaything for many years to come.


  2. Matt is abnormal. Most people I know take pics of themselves with their friends and family. Matt takes his phone out and looks at his food, guarantee you he’s by himself.

    There aren’t many people who deserve to be all alone and in isolation like Matthew Berdyck. If he’s lonely or sad, that’s good. He should try to be less of an cocksucker toward everyone he meets and he will be less lonely.


    1. Trautman is on to you. We’ve given him a taste of Matthew Berdyck Madness and you then came in and went full retard on him with Twitter. It’s amazing how perfectly you played the part of Matthew Berdyck, Crazy Person. It’s as if you had no choice, that you were so easily manipulated into being the way we needed you to be.

      Rat in a maze, too stupid to not go for the cheese.


      1. Or of course, we just gave you what you want I order to document your tactics. Do you think I need Mike for anything?


        Because of Hubbell, Mike can’t write about me, or he’ll be fired. He knows this. I know this. He has no power in this battle.

        #FuckingIdiots #MyPets


  3. Our campaigns are far from over. What we have done thus far has been successful. You cannot and will not get a permit to protest Larry’s bar. That has been seen to. Matthew Berdyck’s name and reputation has crumbled to almost nothing in Des Moines. Notice how so few people are replying to you now? Haven’t you seen a drastic drop in responses to your article and your messages?

    I wonder why. Is it because we have provided them a witness list they can contact about you? Is it the fact that they have confirmed with multiple sources that you lied about the events on your blog?

    Who knows?

    We do and you don’t. We infiltrated their ranks and divided everyone and now you are too toxic to let be a part of anything they do regarding the altercation at the District. People are already annoyed with you and your antics. You hung yourself.


  4. Hey, wimp. Why don’t you do a Facebook live video from right outside The District in Des Moines?

    That’s a city where you said you had tens of thousands of supporters. If that was true, you would have no trouble getting out there and telling your story on camera, live. The Chief of Police will protect you.

    Do that or everyone will know you’re a liar and a con man.


  5. Instead of naming scientists that can verify Matt’s crazy assertions about the Superfund site, why not be swayed by how much money he spends on steak? Why bother with the substance of your legitimacy when you can be shown cash money?

    If you had even a hint of credibility you would be able to name your producer, show some kind of soil or water samples from a laboratory and prove your legitimacy with facts. Instead all you have are what you believe are impressive material things, none of which relate in any way to your point.

    Too funny. Keep making a fool of yourself. We can do this for decades to come. Proving you are a liar is so easy.


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